Advanced Dentistry Services


Taglia Advanced Dentistry (aka TAD) locally administers the ARESTIN® antibiotic in the pockets below your gum line. This may either take place at the time of scaling and root planning, or on a follow-up visit. Also you may receive ARESTIN® during a routine periodontal maintenance session. Read more here or contact our office now.

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cerec 3DCerec 3D - Same Day

Cerec 3-D is the latest in dental technology and is becoming the best way for dentist to deliver fast and amazing results for all veneers, onlays and inlays. It uses Cerec 3D equipment and ceramic crowns to provide permanent dental restorations. Learn more or Contact our Elmwood Park clinic to schedule an appointment today.

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Intraoral PhotographyIntraoral Photography

Taglia Advanced Dentistry believes a picture is worth a thousand words. Which is why we often use Intraoral Photography as part of our practice. Using high-resolution images aids in the diagnosis and prognosis of a patient's dental health. An intra-oral photograph can reveal missing or extra teeth, issues with jaw alignment, or tissue masses that can be missed when using traditional x-rays. We also consider it a valuable tool when planning and evaluating orthodontics and orthognathic surgery. Finally, what better way to improve communication not only with our patients, but with other practitioners, labs, and insurance companies. Learn more about intraoral photography here or contact us!

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