Advanced Dentistry in Implant and Surgical Reconstruction

dr-louis-taglia-continue-educationDr. Taglia Jr. has just returned from Tampa, Florida, where he attended a hands on continuum. “Contemporary Soft Tissue Grafting for Anterior Reconstruction” was the name of the advanced dentistry course to add to the Doctor’s ever expanding resume. This course was focused on Surgical Implants and Aesthetic Reconstruction at the world renowned Pikos Institute.

The advanced dentistry course expanded Dr. Taglia Jr’s knowledge of evidenced based predictable soft tissue grafting and growth factor technology for implant and surgical reconstruction. This amazing, hands on course concentrated on repairing the gum tissue back to ideal health and function state prior to any Aesthetic or Implant Surgical Procedure.

Dr. Mike Pikos, director and educator of the Pikos Institute believes:

“This course gives Dentists the ability and knowledge to become proficient at implant based soft tissue management. Builds confidence and develops a skill set with the most utilized Soft Tissue Grafting procedure in Implant Dentistry. And most importantly, increases predictability and long term stability of advanced surgical techniques. It allows the practitioner to be able to handle any complex and contemporary soft tissue issues.”


Soft Tissue Grafting is a surgical method giving the practitioner the ability to:

  • Repair any defects in the oral cavity cause by tooth extraction trauma, or normal wear and tear on the Gingiva
  • The ability to replace any tissue that is compromised or lost. By using gingival grafts, growth factor technology and proper soft tissue management in a predictable way to restore a site to the ideal health and function prior to procedure.

About Louis Taglia Jr.

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