The End of Root Canals?

Could the end of root canals be near? Imagine a world where your teeth were able to heal any damages without the need for extensive and painful dental operations, such as root canals.

The University of Nottingham is currently in the works with Harvard in creating fillings that are made out of stem cells. These stem cells would be used to help the damaged tooth heal on its own. The filling would consist of synthetic biomaterial which will stimulate stem cell growth in your tooth’s damaged pulp.

During initial testing, the fillings created stimulation for the stem cells to replicate similar to those of the tooth’s dentin, which is the bone tissue normally found under your enamel. Once the filling is placed into the tooth, the biomaterial would in effect allow the tooth to heal on its own.

Hundreds of millions of cavities are treated by dentists each year by drilling teeth in order to remove decay and put in fillings. However, almost 15% of those fillings fail, leading to a painful root canal. Root canals have a high risk of weakening the tooth, so a failed operation could end up in the tooth being fully removed.

The research team from University of Nottingham is looking into a future where fillings are made with regenerative material to help damaged teeth heal on their own, leading to less risk of failure in dental fillings and thus ending root canals once and for all.

Fillings That Heal Your Teeth

If you’d like to learn more you can read the University of Nottingham press release about Fillings That Heal Your Teeth.

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