Living Longer Means More Oral Health Challenges

As more Americans are living longer, dentists are finding more and more cases of dental diseases and oral health challenges with their older patients.

The population of Americans age 65 and older is expected to go up to almost 84 million people in 2050, which is double that of 2012. While the 1960s found it common for older people to lose their teeth, it is not so prevalent now. Less tooth loss is a good thing, don’t get us wrong. However, older Americans are at a higher risk for gum disease as they live longer now more than ever.

Preventing Oral Health Challenges

Gum disease affects everyone of all ages, and dentists normally advise that everyone follow the same oral health regimen: brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, floss every day, and go to regular appointments with their dentist.

Dentist appointments provide the opportunity to examine teeth and gums for possible gum disease or oral cancer before it gets any worse, and it can give seniors information on prevention through daily hygiene care.

It is also important to consider investing in dental insurance if not already insured. Many popular plans cover preventative care and 6-month checkups, and some procedures also offer low co-pays or affordable payment plans to ensure that you are getting the word needed for your health.

So What Can We Do About Oral Health Challenges?

What are senior adults able to do in order to maintain their oral health and hygiene? Increasing your intake of calcium helps keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy, and quitting smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can reduce your risk of gum disease or oral cancer.

As senior adults become older and begin taking more prescriptions for their health, be cautious of any medications that cause dry mouth, which increases the risk of bacterial growth in your mouth.

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