Use Your Dental Benefits BEFORE You Lose Them

It’s Hard To Believe That The Holidays Are Here & Soon We Will Be “Ringing In The New Year”

I’m sure that your schedule doesn’t become any less hectic with the holidays here, but we wanted to remind you that if you are still covered by dental insurance and your plan “renews the maximum dental benefit,” you will want to make sure that any treatment diagnosed, but NOT scheduled, is actually completed BEFORE your hard earned 2015 benefit dollars are LOST.

Any money that you have remaining in your dental insurance benefit account will be lost to you starting January 1, 2016. Granted, you will receive another full year’s benefits to use toward any treatment that may be needed or completed after the end of this year, but last year’s money will NOT roll over to 2016 and if the total cost of your treatment exceeds the amount of the current year’s dental benefits, your out-of-pocket costs will be higher. Not to mention, you’ll have to meet that 2016 deductible again BEFORE any benefit is paid for that treatment.

So maximize your dental insurance benefits today by completing any treatment needed before the New Year. Suzanne and Stephanie are here to help you schedule your appointments so that your out-of-pocket costs are kept to their lowest.

If you have any unused dental benefits and you are due for an examination, hygiene appointment, or treatment, please call us to at (708) 456-1188.

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