Botox Treatment & Procedure

Witness an actual 5 Minute Botox Treatment that was performed in-house on one of our lovely staff member, Ms. Lisa. Doctor Louis Taglia in Elmwood Park, IL has performed 1000's of Botox injections and has prepared for this type of treatment over the last ten years. Dr. Louis is skilled in the Botox procedure and has received advance certification for this type of specialized treatment.

Video One - The Botox Treatment:

Setup guide marks in between the muscles. For this procedure, we target the forehead and crows feet by having her scrunch up her face a little bit. After the guide marks are established, we are ready to start injecting the Botox serum.

Video Two - 5 Minutes After Botox Injections:

After only five minutes of the botox treatment, her discomfort is already gone. We can see a little swelling and expect a small headache, which is completely normal, but will have Lisa keep an ice pack on her treated areas for a short time to reduce those symptoms In just 2-3 days, we should start seeing the excellent results of the Botox kick in!

Video Three - Follow Up 1 Week After Botox Procedure:

Seven days after the Botox treatment, we see a younger Lisa S. with a more youthful, natural, wrinkle free look. Wrinkles gone, headache gone, and swelling dissipated. Lisa did not even have to call in sick for work! Lisa even says, she will do it again and she is very happy with the results. Watch the interview for yourself.

Dr Louis says “You can expect a nice healthy natural look to add to a persons natural beauty.”

For more information on Botox, contact our Elmwood Park clinic at 708-456-1188 or schedule an appointment online today.

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