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Alternative To Dental Crowns
Elmwood Park, IL

Blonde woman smiling after hearing alternatives to dental crowns from her dentist at Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, IL Biomimetic Dentistry is a much more conservative approach to your oral health. We strive to not interfere with the natural tooth as much as possible. At Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we believe in the overall statement that less dentistry is the best dentistry.

We use dental crowns to protect and restore a damaged, cracked or broken tooth. The difference in biomimetic restoration is we strive to leave the original structure as intact as possible. Traditional dental methods often include reducing the size of the original tooth. We may choose to actually piece the damaged tooth back together and then cap it with a dental crown to protect it. We do not want to eliminate healthy tooth structure unnecessarily. As a biomimetic dentist, Dr. Louis Taglia, Jr. helps patients avoid unnecessary work. Our primary goal is to rebuild, strengthen and stabilize your natural structure, when that is not possible, we can provide a crown to keep the natural structure intact.

The Biomimetic Advantage

We can provide you a healthier way to restore your tooth. We believe in working from the inside out, meaning we remove the bacteria and then restore. We use a detailed layering technique to rebuild the tooth, restoring its original structure as best as possible. The end result is a significant advantage to your oral health.

Can You Have a Crown with Biomimetic Dentistry?

Yes! We do support the use of dental crowns or caps when necessary. We simply view the tooth through a different approach than traditional dentists. We will discuss options and consider all routes for a healthier approach.

When a patient comes to us with a broken, decayed or weakened tooth, we will first conduct an exam of the tooth, its supporting structure and its surrounding area. We want to ensure that your care is specific to you and your needs, not just follow a script based on traditional practices. We will seek ways to repair the damage without compromising your natural structure. It is not our goal to perform unnecessary invasive procedures.

Dental crowns may provide a layer of protection, but they also limit the natural function of the tooth. We do not want to cause any undue strain on your natural ability to chew. Our original teeth are part of a system, it starts at the jaw bone. As we chew or even speak, we transfer the energy of that motion through the tooth, through the root and to the jaw. The jaw processes this motion as exercising the bone, and that exercise sends the bone the message that it is needed, so your body sends resources to that area to keep it healthy. When the bone is not exercised, the body reduces or stops sending those necessary resources and the bone diminishes in health. A dental crown does not stop the transfer of motion, but it is a layer between, diminishing the sensation. We want to keep your natural biological pieces doing their job, our bodies are amazing.

To maintain this ideal, we use advanced dental materials along with adhesive techniques to repair and restore the structure as best as possible. We can provide our patients with a conservative restoration that is long lasting while reducing the likelihood of future failure.

We invite you to contact Taglia Advanced Dentistry today. We are excited to consult with you and help put you on the path to a stronger oral health using less invasive techniques and rebuilding what you already have.

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Alternative To Dental Crowns | Taglia Advanced Dentistry
Taglia Advanced Dentistry, believes in the overall statement that less dentistry is the best dentistry. Which is why we offer Biomimetic dentistry. Learn more.
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