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Alternative To Root Canal Therapy
Elmwood Park, IL

Black woman in dentist chair discussing alternative to root canal therapy with her dentist at Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, IL Biomimetic Dentistry believes that nature has already provided us with what we need to have oral health, we simply work with our patients to educate and enhance what their body is already prepared to do. At Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we take a conservative yet strong approach to your dental care. In many instances, we can help you avoid the need for root canal therapy to restore the health of the tooth, biomimetic practices can help 90% of patients while avoiding this traumatic procedure. We believe that teeth in their natural form are at their strongest, and therefore have the strongest chance of long term success.

Traditional Root Canal Therapy

The traditional method of root canal therapy involves a more invasive procedure. The dentist will open the tooth to gain passage into the inner portion of the tooth. They then remove the entire pulp, which includes the nerve and connective tissue in hopes of removing all of the infected material. They then clean the area and fill it with an antibacterial material known as gutta percha and close up the tooth. The natural tooth is then reduced in size to receive a dental crown.

The Biomimetic Root Canal Therapy Advantage

Using biomimetic conversative dentistry techniques, our process is quite similar with some large differences. We take a much more conservative approach in carefully removing decay right up until we reach the nerve. We clean around the nerve, but do not remove the nerve unless necessary. If the tooth is asymptomatic, we may choose to actually leave a very small amount of decay in the tooth, and seal the nerve. This may sound unreasonable, but studies have found that as long as we clean all of the bacteria from around the nerve area, that deepest portion of the tooth, known as a peripheral feeling zone, we can seal the tooth without further infection continuing.

We use a layering technique, rebuilding the inside of the tooth, and this process seals the nerve, keeping it intact. Studies have told us that by layering the tooth walls, even the deepest decay will not continue to progress. This is because we are sealing the nerve, and any bacteria from any source of nutrients.

Cavities and decay are caused by bacteria, if we seal the bacteria away from its food source, in this case sugar and oxygen, the bacteria will starve, either dying or becoming dormant. With this technique, we can save more of the integrity of the tooth, keeping it as natural as possible. We want to prioritize the natural function of the tooth, rather than rely on the strength of the restoration.

Do you still apply a dental crown after Root Canal Therapy?

Depending on the work that was done, and the location of the tooth, we can absolutely still apply a dental crown when necessary. We may discuss variations of dental crowns, including a ¾ crown known as an inlay or onlay. This partial crown is customized to fit precisely the area needed versus the entire tooth. If a whole cap is needed, we can discuss that option following your root canal procedure as well. Our goal is to interfere as minimally as possible while still restoring the tooth’s function.

The Biomimetic Difference

We invite you to learn more about biomimetic dentistry and how it can be an advantage to your health. We believe in educating and promoting your own natural body’s abilities. Our team at Taglia Advanced Dentistry is excited to show you the difference. Contact our office at (312) 675-4624 for more information.

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At Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we take a conservative yet strong approach to dental care. We can help you avoid the need for root canal therapy. Learn more.
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