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Bone Regeneration
Elmwood Park, IL

Assistant showing x-ray to patient at Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, ILBone loss is not uncommon when it comes to your mouth. There are a variety of reasons why you might lose some of the bone in your jaw. One of the main reasons is when you have lost a tooth, and then you did not do anything about it. The bone where the tooth was will start to be absorbed back into your body. Gum disease can lead to bone loss as well. Sometimes there can be bone loss through no fault of your own.

As a person gets older, he or she might lose some of the bone in the jaw. If you are missing a tooth, one of the main ways to replace it here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry is with a dental implant, but you need to have enough bone for the implant to be successful. If there is not enough bone in your mouth for the implant, what happens? Does that mean you will not be able to get the implant? It does not mean that at all. Instead, we will see if we can replace the bone through bone regeneration.

What Is Bone Regeneration?

If you need to replace a tooth, but there is not enough bone in your jaw, then bone regeneration could be the answer. It is a way to make sure that you have the right amount of bone for the procedure.

Bone regeneration is also known as bone grafting. With it, a small amount of bone will be taken and ground down to the consistency of sand. That will then be placed in the tooth socket, or it could be placed next to the bone through a small incision in your gums. The bone granules will eventually bond with your bone and will become part of your bone. If the damage to the bone in your jaw is severe, we might use an actual piece of bone instead of granules. We will hold it in place using screws until the graft is successful.

In many cases, the bone will be taken from your own body. We will use a very small amount of bone from your chin or for another area. It is such a small amount of bone that is taken that you will not be able to see a difference.

After the bone regeneration, you will need to take some time to heal. A bone graft is not an overnight process. This is why it takes time for dental implants. The bone graft could take several weeks to heal, and then it could take several more weeks for the screws from the implant to set as well.

Bone loss in your mouth does not need to be permanent. Bone regeneration has become a very common procedure, especially since dental implants are growing in popularity. Here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we want you to know all of your options when it comes to tooth loss and also bone loss. Call us at (312) 675-4624 so that you can come in and talk about it.

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At Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we want you to know all of your options when it comes to tooth loss and also bone loss. Click here to learn more.
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