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Cost of Biomimetic Conservative Dentistry vs. Value
Elmwood Park, IL

Woman smiling with white healthy teeth after biomimetic dentistry treatment from Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, IL.Think for a moment what you consider to be of value when it comes to dentistry. Are you looking for personalized chairside care from your dentist? Or, do you believe the charge per appointment, being a business, is the key? Traditional dentistry is good at creating the illusion of value, but the focus is often on the business side and less on the individual and their relationship with their dental health. The industry has been shaped in recent decades to focus more on business minded dental practices due to stagnant practices and doctors who are caught in the web of dental insurance converge and what they will cover. At Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we take a different approach.

You may have a dental insurance policy, but does it cover you for the treatment options that your teeth need or that the dentist recommends? All too often, insurance companies see the teeth, gums, and jaw are seen as one big independent mechanism that dentists can just patch up when there is a problem. Since this is how insurance sees it, they insist that the dentist sees it the same way. However, dentistry should be more than just repairing things as they break.

We feel that there should be an emphasis on education and preventive dental care, not just fixing the system when it breaks. Increasingly, we are learning how a downfall in the body in one area affects another area, this often includes your dental health. There is a correlation in your oral health and your overall health.

Biomimetic dentistry is a different approach. We work to rebuild, strengthen and keep your natural tooth. We take the approach that the body was built to sustain our health, we simply remove disease and strengthen your natural resources.

Some patients view the cost of biomimetic dentistry to be an extravagance, but many of our patients in their twilight years have realized that the treatment they received in their youth was not sufficient to maintain naturally healthy teeth. So many dentists have chipped away at teeth and replaced natural tooth material with fillers. This treatment may provide a solution to the immediate dental health problem, but the potential long-term damage can cost a lot more to repair.

Natural Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry is the active pursuit to save as much of the tooth structure as possible. while at the same time using natural materials to rebuild and restore damaged, decayed or diseased teeth. Biomimetic restorations work to maintain a healthy relationship between the mechanisms in the mouth.

We understand that your oral health care is impacted by almost all aspects of your life. We believe that by providing robust education about your oral health, we can provide you with the tools needed to practice complete oral hygiene and preventive care at home. Working with our staff, you have access to a friendly and diverse team that cares about your overall health and well-being.

If you are the type of individual or family that schedules regular dental checkups, you clearly value oral health care. However, that does not mean you will necessarily get back what you put in. What Dr. Louis Taglia, Jr. is doing is helping patients recognize what value in dentistry really means. We do not accept insurance because it limits the types of treatments we can offer and how much time we spend with patients. Our team values you and wants to ensure that you are the sole focus of every appointment—not the clock, and certainly not what an insurance company dictates we can do.

Traditional dentists only treat the mouth; our approach is to treat the patient. You are an individual who deserves one-on-one care.

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Some patients view the cost of biomimetic dentistry to be an extravagance, but strengthening teeth naturally goes far beyond monetary value. Click here to learn more.
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