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Composite Fillings
Elmwood Park, IL

Rendering of teeth with 3 filling materials at Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, ILDecay and other damage can occur to teeth due to a wide variety of reasons. When the enamel has become compromised, it’s important to close and seal it to stop infection. We can seal the tooth using a non-metal composite filler. Having restorative work done at Taglia Advanced Dentistry comes with the benefit of knowing that we are putting your health first. We have incorporated biomimetic techniques into practice, this means that we believe in enhancing your natural resources and strive to be minimally invasive to not disturb the established structure.

Composite material is a resin based filler that incorporates quartz for added strength, we do not use amalgam or other metals. The goal in rebuilding a compromised tooth is to restore it as close to its genuine structure as possible.

We like composite filling material because:
•  Composite Adheres to the Tooth: Traditionally, dentists used amalgam, which is mercury and other metal based filler. Amalgam doesn’t adhere to the tooth, so the dentist would have to restructure the tooth to create a nesting spot for the material to settle in. This means that the tooth would be reshaped and have more of the tooth removed. Composite filling does adhere to the enamel, meaning we only need to remove the decayed portion. Biomimetic techniques follows the guideline of only removing the infected portion of a tooth and working to keep as much of the natural tooth as possible.
•  Composite Can Mimic the Coloring and Translucency of Enamel : Composite can be shaded to match the color and translucency of your tooth, meaning it will blend seamlessly into the structure. This means that you will have no obvious display of dental work this is a huge benefit and large difference compared to the silver fillings traditionally used.
Composite Can Be Used to Make Repairs: Besides being used to fill cavities following the removal of decay, composite can also be used to improve minor areas of damage such as chips or fractures, gaps between teeth and heavily stained or discolored teeth.

Placement of Biomimetic Fillings

Using biomimetic techniques, we can fill your tooth. The procedure of filling a tooth is a different process than traditional dentistry. Instead of simply filling the tooth, we do it layer by layer. This slow filling process will lead to less shrinkage as it dries and a longer lasting restoration. Traditional dentistry techniques call for the material being placed in one layer for a small filling and up to 4 layers for a large filling. Fillings using biomimetic medicine uses four to six layers for small fillings and up to twenty layers for a large filling. We do this to reduce the stress being placed on the tooth, which leads to a considerably stronger bond to the tooth. Additionally, rather than curing the material quickly with UV light, we allow the resin to cure slowly. A slow cure has been found to reduce polymerization stress, and the composite resin to shrink towards the tooth surface, making for a stronger bond and fit.

For more information on biomimetic care, or filling a tooth following damage or the removal of decay, contact our Elmwood Park office at: (312) 675-4624!

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Getting dental fillings done at Taglia Advanced Dentistry comes with the benefit of knowing that we are putting your health first. Click here to learn more!
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