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Dental Technology
Elmwood Park, IL

Graphic of a tooth from Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, ILWhen it comes to making decisions as far as your oral health is concerned, it sometimes helps to know a bit about the technology that is involved. There is more to a dental visit than you might think, and there is also more equipment involved than you might know. Here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we know that the best way to treat our patients is to stay on top of the latest techniques and technology.

Dental Technology That Could Change Your Oral Health

Sometimes we might recommend something to you, and you could have no idea what we are talking about. Here is some of the dental technology that we might use.

Soft Tissue Laser

A soft tissue laser is invaluable when it comes to laser surgery. It will help you to heal faster, and there will be less pain and less bleeding. Often a soft tissue laser is used to prep an area, and we can even use it for teeth whitening.


CAD stands for computer-aided design, and CAM is computer-aided manufacturing. Together, CAD-CAM is a new way of designing prosthetic teeth. We could use the technology to design a single crown, or we might use it to make a complete set of dentures. With CAD-CAM dentistry, the wait time is cut significantly.

Digital X-rays

X-rays have changed drastically over the years. With a digital panoramic x-ray, we can take an x-ray of your entire mouth at one time. This helps us to be able to see the whole picture at once, so we can better spot problems.

Intraoral Camera

With an intraoral camera, we can see more of the inside of your mouth. We will put the small camera in your mouth, and see the video on a monitor. This will allow you to see what is going on as well, and you will better understand what is going on inside your mouth.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can mean more than one thing. One of the laser treatments that we might suggest is a laser treatment for gum disease. It can be a safe way to get your gums healthy again. Another type of laser treatment that we might recommend is to whiten your teeth. We could do this if bleach is not a whitening option.

Micro Dentistry

Micro dentistry is a fairly new technique that patients like because it can sometimes be used instead of the traditional dental drill. With micro dentistry, we will use air abrasion to remove the decay. Micro dentistry could save your tooth.


If you need a dental implant, you will want to know about Periotest. It is a tool that will measure how stable the implant is.

Platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma will use your blood to help you heal. It speeds up the regeneration around the wound.

These are just a few of the terms that you might hear when you visit us at Taglia Advanced Dentistry. We use the latest technologies to your advantage. If you would like more information, call us at (312) 675-4624. That is also the number that you should call to make an appointment.

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