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Substance Abuse and Dental Rehabilitation

For many, substance abuse results in poor oral health, we can help.

There are many steps to improving your physical and mental health when overcoming substance abuse; oral health is one of them. Our staff at Taglia Advanced Dentistry routinely works with drug rehabilitation centers to help patients in their recovery by restoring the damage to their oral health from substance abuse. We understand that part of recovery is rebuilding confidence, and a healthy smile is a big part of looking and feeling better. For many patients, the damage caused by drug abuse is a constant reminder of the past which can be demoralizing and debilitating. A complete recovery should include a dental rehabilitation.

How does substance abuse damage teeth?

It may not seem obvious, but substance abuse plays a huge role in poor oral health. We have found that when an addict uses drugs or alcohol on a regular basis, the teeth rapidly degenerate and deteriorate. This may be due to a number of factors including:
•  Teeth Grinding: Studies have shown a correlation between drug use and an increase in bruxism. Many drugs cause the user to clench and grind their teeth frequently leading to rapid loss of tooth structure. This may be due to hyper or nervous behavior associated with the highs and lows a patient may feel between the consumption of various drugs.
•  Dry Mouth: Smoking both tobacco and marijuana, drinking large amounts of alcohol and many both orally taken and injected drugs cause dryness in your mouth. Some due to heat, such as smoking, and others by changing your biochemistry, will cause oral health problems. Saliva is a naturally induced deterrent for bacteria, by naturally washing away germs and debris. Reducing the amount of saliva in your mouth can have grave effects.
•  Poor Brushing Habits: A healthy person considers their overall health, including the care of their teeth. An unhealthy person, like someone who suffers from addiction problems, often does not consider their body health, including the care of their teeth. Poor brushing habits has been found to be a symptom of a patient suffering from addiction problems.
•  Other Unhealthy Habits: Along with poor brushing, an unhealthy person has been found to be unhealthy in other aspects, including what they consume. Many drugs, such as marijuana use, can induce a need for the consumption of sugary, unhealthy foods. This can cause havoc on your dental health.

We Can Restore Damaged Teeth Caused by Drug Abuse

Biomimetic dentistry is ideal for substance abuse dental rehabilitation. We help rebuild your natural resources. We are experts in adhesive and biomimetic dentistry. With the often-significant damage done by substance abuse, it is even more imperative to preserve as much as possible of the remaining healthy tooth structure. For many, traditional dental treatments require substantial removal of healthy portions of your teeth. With adhesive and Biomimetic Dentistry we can successfully restore damaged teeth while being conservative to ensure the maximum results for our patients.

We Provide Sedation and A Full Range of Dental Services

Our staff at Taglia Advanced Dentistry has a wide range of skills ideal for treating complex cases typically seen from substance abuse. For many, undoing the damage caused by substance abuse requires multiple appointments and longer treatment times for full rehabilitation. To speed up this process, we can comfortably sedate our patients during their appointments to allow more work to be done at each appointment and make the process as smooth as possible. Additionally, we provide surgical procedures in the office such as dental implants to replace teeth which have been lost due to substance abuse.

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