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View an amazing gallery of transformations by Dr. Louis Taglia. He practices the Craft of Care and the Art of Smiles in order to get you the smile you've always dreamed of in a judgement-free caring environment. Visit our services pages to learn more about our services or request a complimentary second opinion now.
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New Patients: (312) 529-8850 | Existing Patients: (708) 456-1188

New Patients: (312) 529-8850
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See How Dr. Louis Taglia Transforms Lives and Smiles

"There's something truly special about hearing from your patient how your work has impacted their life. I genuinely care about my patients and use Biomimetic Dentistry to mimic nature's beautiful design when I restore smiles. A natural, beautiful, and functional smile is my ultimate goal." –Dr. Louis Taglia

Expect Dental Care That Puts You First With Dr. Taglia

It’s understandable to be nervous about the dentist. However, with our biomimetic approach to dental care, we consider your overall well-being – not just your teeth – before recommending treatments. During your appointment, we will:
  • Perform only what is necessary to save and restore healthy teeth
  • Offer sedation if you are nervous about the procedure
  • Help you avoid costly restorations
  • Focus on improving your oral health for the long-term
  • We put you first, not insurance companies. Visit a dental practice that prioritizes patients’ health by calling (312) 529-8850 for an appointment.

    Before After Restorations

    If you have questions about biomimetic dentistry, dental implants, or veneers, we have answers! Give us a call at (312) 529-8850 if you'd like to request a consultation to discuss your dental needs.
    nick after smile
    Click the image above to view Nick's amazing smile restoration larger.
    Click the image above to see how Elyse's smile was transformed with prepless veneers.
    elyse after photo prepless veneers
    jeremy happy his smile is restored
    Click above to see how Jeremy's missing tooth was replaced with an implant, Zirconia abutment and E-MAX crown.
    See how Mary's smile was transformed by Dr. Louis Taglia. Click image above.
    actual patient mary for gallery

    Video Reviews

    We invite you to watch some of the wonderful things our patients have said about us. Our patient reviews in Elmwood Park reflect the love we have for dental care and how much your experience matters to us.. Call us today at (312) 529-8850 for an appointment.

    Dental Veneers Restored Her Smile and Health

    "I chose Dr. Taglia many years ago based on reviews and family that is actually seen by Dr. Taglia. Life was difficult prior to my seeing Dr. Taglia. I had really bad TMJ and teeth grinding. Dr. Taglia mentioned that veneers was an option for me... Life's amazing now, and I get compliments from friends, family, and the workplace. It really does change the entire façade. Your smile is important and for me it was huge."

    Veneers Corrected Huge Gaps and Crooked Teeth to Restore Confidence

    "Dr. Taglia is a dentist to other family members. I've been very happy with all of the services I've received. My teeth all my life have had huge gaps and were very crooked. I didn't smile in pictures. Life is great. Mainly to be honest, it's not that I have this overwhelming sudden bubble of confidence, but what's great is it's taken an insecurity away."

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