No Insurance? No Problem!

There’s no reason to avoid the dentist if you don't have dental insurance in Elmwood Park. For a low monthly fee, you can afford the dental care you need to keep your smile looking its best. Your membership fee covers the cost of exams, cleanings, and other preventative care, and you'll receive discounts on additional treatments.

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No Insurance? You Can Still Protect Your Smile in Elmwood Park

Your smile matters to us, even if you have no dental insurance in Elmwood Park. With Dr. Taglia's Healthy Smile Club, you’ll get coverage on preventive services with a low monthly subscription fee. We even offer periodontal plans if you’re at risk for gum disease.

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Discover the Benefits of Our Healthy Smile Club

We created these dental plans for patients who want to maintain good oral health but can’t afford the cost of insurance or don’t have coverage provided by an employer. Your benefits include:

Low Monthly Cost

Pay only $35 per month for your subscription! You can also establish preventative dental care for your entire family for an additional fee.


Get rid of plaque and bacteria buildup with regular cleanings. Your subscription covers two cleanings per year, as recommended by the ADA.

Thorough Examinations

Your club membership covers two exams per year and one emergency exam, making it easy to stay ahead of any oral health concerns.

Discounts on Services

You can enjoy a 10 percent discount on cosmetic, restorative, and other elective procedures. Enjoy savings on important services for your smile!

Needed X-Rays

If we need to take a closer look at your mouth, your X-rays are covered. No need to delay necessary care because you can’t afford them.

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