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Partial & Full Dentures
Elmwood Park, IL

Rendering of a removable partial denture from Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, ILThere is a good chance that when you were young that you were told that you needed to take good care of your teeth because they would last for a lifetime. While that is of course what everyone wants, that is not always the case. Tooth loss is common, especially as people age. Sometimes the tooth loss is due to decay, but it could also be because of a trauma.

There are also other reasons why someone might lose one or more teeth. If there is only one tooth that is missing, there are ways to replace it, but what if many teeth are missing? If that is the case in your life, contact us here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry. We have some solutions that will give you new teeth. One of those solutions is dentures.

What Do You Need to Know About Dentures?

You have most likely heard about dentures your whole life. That does not mean you know all that much about them. There are two basic types of dentures. They are partial and full. Sometimes full is referred to as complete.

With partial dentures, you will receive some new teeth. Your partial dentures will be made to fit into your mouth and work with the teeth that you still have to allow you to eat and talk like normal. Full dentures are for someone who needs to have all of their teeth replaced. If you have some teeth left, those will need to be removed before you receive your full dentures.

When being fitted for dentures, you will come into our office, and we will take a mold of your mouth. If you are receiving full dentures, we will remove any teeth that you have left. We will then give you a temporary set of dentures so that you will be able to eat while the new dentures are being made. This is also giving your mouth time to heal if we had to extract any teeth.

Once your dentures are ready, you will return to our office. We will then give you the new dentures and make sure that they fit properly. We will also go over the instructions for caring for your dentures. Both partial and complete dentures need to stay wet, so when you take them out at night, you will need to soak them. You might want to add a cleaning tablet to the water so that they will not get stained.

Brushing your dentures before you soak them is also a good idea. You will need to continue to take care of your mouth, even if you had all of your teeth extracted for full dentures. This includes brushing your gums and tongue with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Dentures give people back the freedom that they lost when they started to have problems with their teeth. Here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we would be happy to give you back that freedom as well. Call (312) 675-4624 to set up and appointment. With dentures, you will have a beautiful smile again as well.

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