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Why Choose A Biomimetic Dentist Over A Traditional Dentist?

Traditional dentistry is just as the term implies, stuck in the past. Many dentists are still using the same ineffective procedures and materials. Biomimetic dentistry embraces new science and technologies by maintaining and rebuilding your natural resources. Most importantly, this process ensures that patients and their whole-body health are valued above all else.

We tell our patients time and time again: We do what you need, not what we want. That may sound like a conflicting statement, but traditional practices work by destroying a healthy tooth structure. Breaking apart or reducing a tooth structure is seldom necessary as a treatment option in dentistry. You may love your shiny new crown and have been told that it is best, but in truth it fails to compete with the proven alternatives available with biomimetic dentistry as a long-term option.

At Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we see traditional dentistry as taking the easy route. They simply cut away at the natural and restore it with a crown. However, the terminology of restoring in this case is a bit of a misnomer. What the dentist is doing is replacing the natural portion of the tooth with an artificial covering. Dental crowns should be reserved for a tooth that is beyond repair, yet many traditional dentists continue to create a scenario where a crown becomes the only viable option by removing natural tooth material. It doesn’t sound very ethical, does it?

Biomimetic dentistry is committed to providing conservative solutions to even the most complex dental problems. Our office seeks to restore and rebuild your natural resources. This does not mean that we have abandoned traditional dentistry altogether—if a root canal is the final solution, then we will perform root canal therapy. We do not perform preventive—and often expensive—procedures without first careful observation of the patient’s oral health. Traditional dental approach recommends treatment that destroys a good tooth as a precaution, at our office, we only remove the decayed portion of the tooth to protect the nerve and maintain the natural balance by rebuilding the healthy tooth.

Minimally Invasive, Biomimetic Dentistry

Daily we have patients express impressed disbelief that minimally invasive treatment options exist for issues such as infected teeth, chipped or broken teeth and tooth decay. Many of them feared that the answer to these dental issues was to remove large portions of the tooth and then install an artificial replacement for the tooth. Our goal is always to first explore alternatives. You often do not need dental crowns, root canals, and other unnecessarily invasive procedures. We have found that you often don’t need them, they are not always the answer, nor are they usually what’s best for the long term.

There is value to be found in trusting your oral health to a biomimetic dentist.

Our office strives toward permanent solutions, removing disease with little impact to your teeth, we believe that this will leave patients still smiling confidently long after retirement. We believe that you shouldn’t have to fear your visit to the dentist. We are dedicated to providing minimally invasive restorations and addressing any underlying conditions that may be contributing to any oral health issues.

Our patients are what matter to us, we offer a broad range of services that you won’t find at a traditional dentist’s office. Substance abuse and dental rehabilitation is one of the most important services that we provide. Every patient deserves another chance at a perfect smile, regardless of their past. If your teeth have been severely damaged due to substance abuse, we are here, waiting to help you rebuild the smile you thought was lost to addiction.

If you feel it is time to try dentistry that works, contact our offices today.

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